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Windmill (Pvt) (Ltd) as the leading manufacturer in the provision high quality value laden inputs in Fertilizer, Crop production, Animal Health and puts Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) issues at the fore in all its operations and services. An integrated approach to the management of SHEQ issues within the entire business units has been adopted and the following pillars demonstrate/ cement our total commitment in ensuring sustainability throughout the entire organization as well as good business practices.

SAFETY. We are accountable for the safety of our people (employees), contractors, visitors, neighbours and the general public. Henceforth we have a zero harm commitment throughout all our operations where risks that are a threat to the company’s existence should be systematically eliminated by means of comprehensive strategies, interventions and awareness programmes. To support this commitment, the organization is currently certified to SAZ OHSAS 18001:2007 management system and is in the process of extending it across all its business units.

HEALTH. Every employee has a right to a safe working environment. With that in mind‚ the organization is committed in maintaining a workplace environment which is free from any condition that may injure persons, cause poor health or expose them to dangerous substances. The organisation thus stands guided by the relevant statutory requirements which it subscribes to (NSSA, Public Health), Corporate SHEQ Policy and the HIV/AIDS Policy which can be downloaded using the website links below. Currently the organization runs a First Aid Centre for attending to minor health ailments and also has alliances with Corporate 24 Medical Centre for emergency and casualty situations. Since our employees are our greatest assets, the organization in last few years have been running Wellness programmes that aim at strengthening our employees mentally and physically though programmes such as Medical Surveillance, SHE Sports Day and Wellness Week.

The organization fully acknowledges that its operations, activities, products and services may have a detrimental effect/ impact on the environment and therefore fully commits itself in undertaking sustainable environmental methods/ practices in all aspects of our business. Currently the organization is certified to SAZ 14001:2004 EMS for its Mt Hampden Plant and is in the transition phase to the implementation of ISO 14001:2015 EMS system throughout the entire organization. Our environmental focus is premised on reducing our carbon footprint, green procurement, conservation of natural resources, environmental monitoring/ reporting and improving our environmental systems and performance.

QUALITY. “If you master consistency, you are halfway there.” Gymaholic. Product quality, Customer Focus and Customer satisfaction are integral part of our Audacious Long Term Goal of becoming the dominant supplier of selected agricultural inputs in the Zimbabwean market and a major player in Southern and Central African markets. Quality of work is an important part of our operations and our implementation of the recently published ISO 9001:2015 QMS is a testament to our seriousness in the provision of quality products and services.

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